Corporate Internet Banking

Changes in Beneficiary File upload:

  1. Beneficiary addition: Menu Navigation- File Upload >>Beneficiaries >> Select any Same Bank, Other Bank or Composite.
    Note: Corporate using Composite file configuration can include beneficiary deletion also in the same file.
  2. Beneficiary deletion: This is only for corporate using existing/old configuration. Menu Navigation- File Upload >>Delete Beneficiaries>> Select Same Bank or Other Bank.

Approval of Beneficiaries: Approval of beneficiaries may be done by the Regulator/Admin/Approver. Menu Navigation- Manage Beneficiaries >>Approve File >> Select File Type- Account Based Beneficiaries>> Select the uploader from the drop down menu. Files uploaded by the selected uploader will be available for approval.

Availability of Beneficiaries for transactions: Beneficiaries added/approved by one Administrator will be available for transactions to all users under that Admin only. Beneficiaries added/approved by the Regulator will be available to all users across the corporate for transactions. This is applicable to same bank as well as for other bank beneficiary.