Corporate Internet Banking

Changes in uploader Interface:

  1. Corporate Uploader can now view the beneficiary file configuration through the following menu- File configuration >> Account Based Beneficiary >> Select File Type. Following options will be available in the drop down menu- (1) Add Same bank Beneficiary, (2) Add Other Bank Beneficiary, (3) Delete Same Bank Beneficiary and (4) Delete Other Bank Beneficiary.
    Note: This drop down menus will be displayed only to those corporate who are using the existing file configuration. Those who have opted for composite file configuration will see only one configuration, that is, composite configuration.
  2. Bulk Upload Tab has been renamed as File Upload.
  3. Batch Inbox link has been renamed as "File Upload Status" and moved under Report tab.
  4. Under File Configuration tab >> View Configuration >> Beneficiary has been removed and placed under File Configuration tab >> Account Based Beneficiary.